Why isn’t anyone talking about the epidemic of depression among entrepreneurs?


The Hustle examines the epidemic of entrepreneurs living with depression. Pretending that everything is ok is not the answer. It’s only a matter of time before it catches up to you, then you really need a lot of help. It’s better to acknowledge that something is wrong and deal with it than hoping it will just go away. Own it and overcome it!

http://thehustle.co/depression-among-entrepreneurs-is-an-epidemic-nobody-is-talking-aboutA lot of times, people just bullshit when things are bad — whether it’s just one of those days where everything went wrong, or something more, like long term feelings of depression. It can be even worse for entrepreneurs, who are trying to prove that they have what it takes and feel like they have to pretend they’ve got it all together as they ride the inevitable up and downs of the startup rollercoaster. If you’re entrepreneurial and you’re living with depression, you have a lot of company.

Take Tim Ferriss. His whole lifestyle shtick is centered around succeeding in life in the most efficient way possible. So it was shocking to read his blog in May where Tim shared how he battled depression and suicidal thoughts when he was a senior at Princeton. Read more…

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