The Un-Resolution: How to Actually Make Positive Changes


un-resolutionDo you dread the phrase “New Years Resolution”? It definitely brings up a lot of anxiety for me. I think about basically creating a list of everything I believe is wrong with me or my life. Talk about depressing and overwhelming. When I was younger, I would buy into this idea that making New Years Resolutions would get me closer to my goals in life and who I wanted to be. Year after year I would make my list and attempt some of the items on my list for a bit, then not long after the list would get tossed out the window. The lists I made were too overwhelming. Then when I “failed” at each item on my list I would feel a little defeated and depressed, then give up. Enter the Un-Resolution.

The Un-Resolution is a counter to the traditional New Years Resolution that has sucked the life out of having a better year. The Un-Resolution is making a commitment to be kinder to yourself and making positive changes in a healthy way. Change is really hard. It takes commitment, patience and perseverance everyday. Why torture yourself with a laundry list of things you want to change? Instead pick one positive change you want to make this year. It could be stopping a bad habit or starting a good one. Just pick one.

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Once you have your single Un-Resolution chosen, start thinking about what you can do to work towards that goal in the next minute, the next 5 minutes, the next hour, the next day, the next week, etc. Most big things that we want to change are not something that can be done immediately. Real positive change comes with each decision you make towards your goal. Sometimes the first minutes and hours are the hardest. Thinking about months from now can feel really overwhelming.

I wasn’t able to make long term positive changes in my life until I tossed out the old ways of doing things. You can do it too! Let me know what your Un-Resolution is this year.



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