Try a warm winter smoothie for a pick me up!


Mind Body Green talks about the benefits of drinking warm smoothies. I would have never thought of doing this, but it really sounds good! I might have to break out the blender and think of warm desert type smoothies that would be delicious and nutritious. Engage your sense of taste! Traditional Chinese Medicine, doctors recommend against drinking cold water with meals as it “chills the digestive fires.” Drinking a green smoothie filled with frozen fruit may have the same effect and can cause stomach pain, bloating, and other digestive issues. Your ability to stay warm and energized may freeze up if your smoothies are too cooling energetically or if the ingredients themselves are frozen. If you have a hard time staying warm in the colder winter months, or are working to heal your digestion and want to take your smoothies to the next level, take these steps to protect your energy, chi, and digestion:

1. Think about the energetics of food.
2. Warm your berries.
3. Choose warmly colored ingredients.
4. Skip the tropics.
5. Add fat and protein to each smoothie.
6. Include warming ingredients in every smoothie. Read more…


Daisy Belaire

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