Be inspired by this teen who turned a body brace into a fashion statement


The Good News Network showcases a girl that made some kick-ass lemonade out of her lemons. Being in a car accident and having to wear a body brace in high school could “literally” be the worst thing ever. Not for Maddie Cable! a teenager was forced to wear a body brace, she transformed the sterile medical device into stylish steampunk armor.

Maddie Cable was in a car crash in November that fractured one of her vertebrae. After surgery, she found out she’d have to wear the bulky brace for two months.

While most teens would have balked at appearing in public in the brace, Cable saw potential. The rivets, straps, and full body shell of the brace gave it all the basic fashion elements of the retro-tech design trend called steampunk. Read more…

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