7 steps to having the best day ever—everyday!


Thanks to things like social media and Reality TV, it’s easy to look around and see all the grand things others are doing. It seems like people are always going on exotic vacations, getting new cars, having exciting experiences, etc. Everyone looks like they’re having the best day ever—everyone except for you. It can make you feel like your life is boring and uneventful. And it can really bum you out, if you let it. Even when you have a good day, sometimes it just doesn’t measure up to the ideal “best day ever”.

The thing is, ideal doesn’t exist. But real does.

This gets me thinking about the TV show “An Idiot Abroad”, where Ricky Gervais sends his friend Karl around the world on all sorts of dream vacations. The whole show is basically Karl complaining about the unpleasant realities he encounters along the way. It’s pretty funny. It reminds me of the times when I went on a trip or to an all-day concert and things didn’t turn out like I expected. Heck, sometimes you end up wishing you had just stayed home in the first place.

Don’t let this happen to you. Make every day your “best day ever”! Here’s how:

  1. Stop comparing your life to others’ (real or fictional)
  2. Remind yourself that what you see on TV or social media is not 100% true
  3. Think of the big things in your life that are good (your health, family, friends, etc.)
  4. Appreciate the small things that add up to make each day great (a hot cup of coffee, a nice walk, sunshine, etc.)
  5. Take all of those positive thoughts and think about how lucky you are to be you, right now at this very moment
  6. Take a deep breath, smile, raise both arms in the air and shout “This is the best day ever!”
  7. Feel it and believe it—because it’s true!

Do this alone and watch your mood instantly improve. If there are other people around, you’ll inspire them to have the best day ever too.

Remember: the best day ever doesn’t need to be anything over the top or one that will impress other people. It just needs to be the best day for you.


Daisy Belaire

Daisy Belaire is the founder and editor of dlydose.com. Learn more about her here.

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