Sam the ‘dancing barista’ hopes to ‘open minds’


Fox shares an inspiring story about Sam the “dancing barista” who would like everyone to know that people with special needs are just that…people. They might need a bit of accommodation sometimes, but still deserve all the respect and dignity that anyone else does. Thanks for the reminder Sam! – The outpouring of love and positivity from the story of Sam, the ‘dancing barista’ at Starbucks, can be felt all over. Sam became a social media sensation over the weekend, as the video of him dancing and having fun while serving a Starbucks patron in Toronto went viral.

A teenager with autism who became a social media sensation over the weekend said he always wanted to work for Starbucks, and now he hopes more employers will give people with special needs an opportunity to succeed.

“People with autism do not want to be looked at with sympathy, so I would say to anyone  please, please, please keep an open mind about what people with special needs can do,” said Sam, who’s 17 and would like to be an actor someday. Read more…


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