Parents share ‘power of touch’ stories of hand-holding preemie babies


Today shares stories about the importance of human touch especially during the early days of life. These babies couldn’t survive without it. Even as babies grow up and turn into adults, they still need the basic sensation of skin to skin contact. That never goes away, but we sometimes forget about how important it is. story about Australian twin preemies holding hands just days after their birth brought back a wave of emotions and memories for Jessica Bubeck.

The Ohio mother of four said she always tears up whenever she sees anything involving premature babies, but she felt especially moved by the way these infants from Down Under held hands because they reminded Bubeck of the bond between her own twin preemies.

“For me it’s about the power of touch. Skin to skin, whether it’s mom and baby or siblings. There’s so much power in the human touch. Seeking comfort or seeking out what’s familiar, it’s something obviously we’re born with. It’s something that’s inbred, a basic human need to be touched and loved.” Read more…


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